Our online system is designed to auto-load artwork centered if you follow the directions below. If you are a professional artist all you really need to do is use our templates and have your artwork sized to the artboard and export as a 300dpi jpeg keeping in mind the safe/live/full bleed from our templates.  All standard decks artwork templates use a 9"x34" artboard(equivalent 2700px wide x 10200px tall).


For mini, 7.75, 7.88, 8.0, 8.13, 8.25, 8.38, & 8.5 standard decks:


1. Open the appropriate template in Illustrator or Photoshop.

A. Make sure you select the correct template to match the skateboard deck you are ordering. Templates are not universal between manufacturers and our templates are designed to be sized correctly for our online system. We recommend using Illustrator.

2. Place your artwork in a layer underneath the deck live areas.


A. Place your art underneath the 'Reference' and 'Live Areas' layers.
B. Arrange the art so what you want visible is within the live area.
Pay Attention To:
Are your artwork elements all high resolution?
Did you take inconsideration the few MM’s of shifting that might happen?
Did you build your artwork to full bleed? Art needs to be bit bigger than the live area for the possible few MM’s of shifting.

3. Turn off the reference layers. Export your artwork as a jpeg 300dpi.


A. Turn off the eyes on the ‘Reference’ and ‘Live Areas’ layers so these won't print with your graphic. 
B. Export as jpeg. File>Export>(click artboard checkbox)>Export As>Jpeg
C. Proper Export Options: Color Mode=CMYK, Quality=10/Maximum, Resolution:300PPI, Embed ICC Profile=U.S. Web Coated (SWOPv2)
Pay Attention To:
If you don’t turn off the layers when you export the reference lines will print in your artwork.
Select the ‘use artboard’ check box to export at the correct size or your art will likely be sized too big.
Choose CMYK when you export. If you leave as RGB it will be auto converted to CMYK. RGB has slightly different color gamut.
The artboard size of 9”x34” also equals 2700px wide x 10200px tall. (FYI: 9” wide x 300dpi= 2700px wide).

4. Check your file size for upload.


A. Right click on the file.
B. Select Details.
Pay Attention To:
Is your JPEG file 2700px wide X 10200px tall? A pixel or two off is OK and happens sometimes in file export rounding.  The artboard size of 9”x34” also equals 2700px wide x 10200px tall. (FYI: 9” wide x 300dpi= 2700px wide).

Helpful illustrations and common problems:

Check your res quick.

Possible print placement shifting.