We make custom skateboard decks with your artwork printed on the bottom.  You upload the artwork, enter your bill to/credit card info, enter the customer ship to address, and then in *see top of page message* we ship the custom printed skateboard deck directly to your customer.

No Shopify/Woo/Other ecommerce app is available now but we are working on it.   If you have an established brand and do $1000 a week in skateboard sales please contact us about API integration for automatic order fulfillment.

Currently this site accepts orders the traditional way:

#1 Upload your art

#2 Enter your 'Bill To' info that matches the credit card info.

#3 Enter your customer's 'Ship To' address.

#4 Product is made and shipped blind/white label.

As described on the home page below:


Download the appropriate template use Illustrator or Photoshop to add your artwork. Follow the instructions.


Select the product you want and upload your artwork that you exported from our template. Select your options and proceed through checkout.


Your custom skateboard is drop shipped to your customer. Product is shipped in blank packaging. There is an option to include your packing list.  International shipments do have a commercial invoice attached to the package(required by law).




Point Distribution Inc started drop shipping and fulfillment of custom skateboard products in the wake of the 2007-8 recession.  In the past we have only offered a high level of this service to existing long term customers.  We are now offering to custom build a program if there is the volume to support it(minimum $1000 a week).  This requires API integration, product development costs, and monthly software subscriptions costs.    If your company supports the volume and integration costs please contact us for more info.


Check the message underneath the menu for turnaround time. offers the lowest cost for a drop shipped custom printed skateboard deck and therefore we need to control costs with our automated online order system.  Our specialty is making the product not graphic design.  If you need help with your art please hire a professional artist to help with your art.

Lots of them!  All over the word.  We don't name names.  It's bad form to let out confidential information like that.  Order 1 custom deck as a sample so you can be confident in the product.

Yes and that is our traditional business... Where your company orders many (25-1000 per graphic) and stocks the inventory at your location to ship to your customers(not drop shipped). Our site:  has all the info and is where you order for that.

Since the product is custom made we do not accept returns.  If you think the product is defective please contact us.

We only make top quality products.  Check our main info site: for general product info.

Yes as we are already making plans to expand the product line that is available at  We already have many other skateboard product offerings at .